The most successful Sahara Force India car in our history, the VJM10, has been officially consigned to the history books and it will now grace the reception of our Silverstone headquarters.

It was an emotional moment, bringing up memories of happy points-scoring Sundays and of performances that brought us to the biggest championship tally in our history. As work behind the scenes continues on its successor, our crew assembled in the lobby of our factory to build the VJM10 one final time. In less than one hour our creation, the very specimen used by Checo Perez in the 2017 season, was sent off into a happy retirement, never to turn a wheel in anger again.

Race Team Operations Manager, Mark Gray, was on hand to co-ordinate the building of the car – something he had done countless times over the season.

“It was nice to get to work on the VJM10 one last time,” said Mark. “We could have probably done it blindfolded by now. It’s a car that has given us a lot and it’s fitting to have it in our reception.

“The VJM10 has been one of our most reliable cars and that is in itself a great achievement, because Formula One cars are getting more and more complex every year. Seeing it every day as we arrive at work is a reminder of the great job done by everyone in the team.”

The man behind the machine, Technical Director Andrew Green, also had kind words to bid farewell to the VJM10.

“Every big rule change brings a challenge, especially for a team like ours. That the 2017 season turned out to be the most successful in the team’s history is cause of pride, as we produced a very strong car that held its own on pretty much every track on the calendar.

“Having the car with us every day, even now that it is retired, helps motivate us to beat its records in 2018.”

Watch the VJM10 being built in time-lapse: