In September 2017 a strong earthquake hit Mexico. The epicentre was only 120km away from Mexico City. Countless buildings were destroyed, including many schools. More than 230 people were killed. The situation for people living in the affected areas remains difficult to this day.

To support the victims of this disaster and aid reconstruction works in the most affected areas, BWT has donated $200,000 USD to the Checo Pérez Foundation (Fundación Checo Pérez).

Lutz Hübner, Head of Group Marketing BWT AG: “The people affected by the recent earthquake in Mexico need our support. We are very happy to be able to help them, together with Sergio Perez and the whole team. With our donation to the Checo Perez Foundation we can be sure that the aid will arrive where it is needed most.”

Sergio Perez: “Following the tragic events of September, the reaction of the Formula One paddock has been overwhelming. This gesture from BWT is incredibly generous and will make a huge difference to the people who have had their lives devastated. I love my country and I thank everybody at BWT for supporting Mexico through this difficult moment.”


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